Hockett Wedding and Family Photography -                         A world beyond

Debbie Hockett is a studio trained photographer with 9 years experience. After her studio time was done, she went out on her own and has since travelled Canada coast to coast, as well photographed in Italy and Hawaii. Debbie is a person who has a great deal of passion and likes to get the most out of life, especially with her husband David by her side!!

Samantha Relf is a studio trained photographer with 6 years experience. Since that time she has created her own fabulous style of unique photography and has travelled through the United States and Canada. Sam also very much enjoys the Art of Photoshop. Together with her co-workers she adds highly to the wonderful experience of family, wedding and nature photography. 

David Hockett, though not a professionally trained photographer has an eagle eye when it comes to shooting with his wife. Known for his jocularity David can lighten any mood and make even the toughest customer smile. 

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